Automated Acceptance Testing and Story- Driven Development

One of the cornerstones of modern, effective software development is effective automated testing. Continuous Delivery in particular is rooted in this practice.

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Dave Farley

Course Objectives

Would you like to find out how to reduce bug-counts in production by nearly two orders of magnitude?


This course will explore an approach to development led by testing that includes the creation of “Executable Specifications” for the software that we create, automated tests that specify the behavioural intent of the code that we will write. Ideas based on a holistic Behaviour Driven Design (BDD) approach that can result in significantly higher quality software produced at a faster rate.

What you will get

  • Practice and understand the identification, creation and use of “Acceptance Tests” in the form of “Executable Specifications” to define the behaviour of a system.
  • Demonstrate the link between an effective, story-based, approach to requirements and practice the skills to map from story to Acceptance Test.
  • Practice the skills of effective story-writing using a combination of “Story Mapping” and “Specification by Example” techniques.
  • Understand how to create and develop a “Domain Specific Language” to support the creation and maintenance of “Executable Specifications”
  • Understand some of the techniques used to isolate the system under test and allow for the creation of effective, efficient test cases in complex systems.
  • Build Acceptance Tests, Executable Specifications, that are not compromised by changes in the system under test.

"Very well presented course, Dave is an expert in his field with many practical tips ."

Former Participant

Course Details

01 Target Audience

The course is aimed, primarily, at developers and testers working close to the code, but is also useful for technical leaders in an organisation to understand the approach in more detail.


This course is also very applicable to Product Owners, giving them a framework for analysis, prioritisation and specification that facilitates Continuous Delivery.

02 Trainer

Dave Farley

Dave is the founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd, he is a thought-leader in the field of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Software Development in general.

He is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book ‚Continuous Delivery‘ a regular conference speaker and well known blogger.

Dave has also a YouTube channel with very useful videos, check it out.

03 Training Introduction

Milena Krnjic, Training Coordination

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