Agile at Scale, Inspired by Spotify

Want to build an organisation that enables agile at scale and unleashes the power of small autonomous teams?

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Joakim Sundén

Course Objectives

Want to build an organisation that enables agile at scale and unleashes the power of small autonomous teams?   This course will give you inspiring real world examples of how Spotify grew a dynamic learning organisation that continually reinforces a high-trust culture and supports engaged autonomous team.

What you will get

  • Gain a deep and wide knowledge of how Spotify works under the hood
  • Enable you to see more options for improving organisational design with regards to your context and boundaries
  • Learn why Spotify made the decisions they made, other options which were considered, and which changes were intentional and which were emergent
  • Explore underlying principles and go into specific practices and mechanisms
  • Learn how to combine small, autonomous teams with strategic business alignment
  • Learn how to work with leadership and growing leaders, innovation and the values and beliefs which shape the culture which created „The Spotify Model“

"Attending the course by Joakim Sundén changed my mind about the Spotify Model. Their journey is a lot more interesting than the buzzwords consultants and managers like to throw around. There is no Spotify Model but there is an attitude to experimenting and learning that everyone can benefit from."

Robert Finan, Agile Coach

Course Details

01 What you will learn

  • Create a great place to work that enables agile at scale
  • Redesign your organisation to better engage employees and leverage the power of autonomous teams
  • Combine small, autonomous teams with strategic business alignment
  • Work with leadership and emerging leaders
  • Tackle challenges which come with agile methodology
  • Understand the Spotify development framework and apply it in context to your business

02 Trainer

Joakim Sundén

Joakim Sundén is a consultant with Crisp, helping leaders and organizations to improve the world of work. Between 2011 and 2017 Joakim worked at Spotify, where he worked together with the CTO and other leaders to develop and introduce concepts like tribes, squads, chapters, and guilds, aka “The Spotify Model” of Agile at scale. During the last 6 years of Spotify’s hyper growth he worked with a half dozen different leadership teams and dozens of delivery teams in Stockholm, San Francisco, New York and Boston, to help them continuously improve their software delivery. In his work Joakim often draws on his experience from Lean and Agile methods and Systems and Complexity thinking. He is also the author of Kanban in Action (Manning, 2014).

03 Intended Audience

This course is for anyone interested in revitalizing the agile working methods of their business, including progressive leaders and managers, agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners, project managers, organisational change agents, consultants and HR, and their teams.

04 Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of agile principles and practices, e.g. some experience with Scrum, will help you better understand the content.

Milena Krnjic, Training Coordination

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