Specification by Example: From User Stories to Acceptance Tests (Online)

Learn how to apply specification by example to bridge the communication gap between stakeholders and implementation teams

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Gojko Adzic

Course Objectives

Specification by example is a collaborative approach to defining requirements and tests based on capturing realistic examples instead of abstract statements. It is the cornerstone of any successful requirements and testing and requirements strategy with agile and lean processes, such as Scrum, Extreme Programming and Kanban.


This workshop teaches you how to apply specification by example to bridge the communication gap between stakeholders and implementation teams, build quality into software from the start, design, develop and deliver systems fit for purpose.

What you will get

  • IMPACT MAPPING: Making a Big Impact with Software Products and Projects (Gojko’s Book)
  • Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your USER STORIES (Gojko’s Book)
  • Access to a mailing list for future questions
  • Access to Gojko’s recommendations on books, articles and presentations
  • Slides

"Very efficient and practical course. No dogmatism or philosophy. Built up on real life examples with useful real life exercises."

Sergei Sergejev, Skype

Course Details

01 What you will learn Modul 1-2

Through facilitated exercises and discussion, you will learn:


Module 1. using examples to clarify


  • Why/when to do specification by example, and when not to do it
  • How to formulate important questions with examples
  • How to identify key examples


Module 2. getting to the right examples quickly


    • Facilitating specification workshops
    • Avoiding the most common mistakes in product backlog refinement
    • Turning examples into executable specifications


Module 3. given-when-then with style


  • What makes a good specification/test
  • Key patterns and practices when defining executable specifications
  • How to capture complex requirements


02 What you will learn Modul 3-5

Module 4. improving/refactoring specs


  • Using Example mapping to facilitate discussions and identify questions
  • How to spot common problems and fix them
  • How to clean up legacy specifications/tests


Module 5. how to fit SBE into the process


  • How this fits into Scrum/Kanban/…
  • What teams that do this really well do differently from those that just waste time
  • How to start changing the process in your company



The workshop is aimed at delivery team members (programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners) mostly working in iterative delivery, such as Scrum or Kanban. Prior experience in delivering software iteratively is useful when attending this workshop, but not required.

03 Training introduction

04 Trainer

Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic is a strategic software delivery consultant who works with ambitious teams to improve the quality of their software products and processes. He specialises in agile and lean quality improvement, in particular agile testing, specification by example and behaviour driven development.

TechTalk has a longstanding partnership with Gojko. We have been working with Gojko as a trainer and conference speaker over many years. He is also a guest speaker at our Agile Tour Vienna conference every year.

Gojko’s book Specification by Example was awarded the #2 spot on the top 100 agile books for 2012 and won the Jolt Award for the best book of 2012. In 2011, he was voted by peers as the most influential agile testing professional, and his blog won the UK agile award for the best online publication in 2010.

Milena Krnjic, Training Coordination

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