Zvonimir Durcevic

Zvonimir assists organizations on their transformation journeys in his role of an enterprise agile coach at TechTalk GmbH. He is passionate about Agile because he believes in people, their strengths, and innate resourcefulness. He firmly believes that people want to grow and excel in what they are doing and that creating an environment where people can self-organize and self-actualize is the primary responsibility of leaders on all levels. Since he first encountered Agile, he became deeply connected to agile values and principles (as stated in the manifesto for agile software development). In his opinion, they hold the key to understanding what Agile is all about.

Zvonimir has more than 16 years of experience in agile delivery, improving the value delivery capabilities of organizations and teams. 

His journey to becoming an enterprise agile coach has had several stations where he gathered valuable experience in organizations as big as a few people and those with thousands of people. Working as a manager, he experienced firsthand the difference between management and leadership. And in addition, he realized that his passion lies in supporting the growth of people through his role as an agile coach.